Summer Smoothie Recipe

It is summer which means iced coffee, cold beers, and smoothies. My favorite smoothie is the Raspberry Craze from Juice it Up. I got tired of having to pay anywhere from $4-$6 for a smoothie. So I decided to look up a recipe that would match the smoothie. I ended up finding one and tweaking it to my taste.

8-10 oz. Cran-raspberry juice, no sugar added (I used my blender to measure)

About a handful and a half of frozen raspberries

About a handful of frozen whole strawberries

4-6 spoonfuls of raspberry sherbert (or sorbet, depending on what you find in you grocery store)

Put all ingredients into the blender. I use the ice crush mode first to make sure that the raspberries and strawberries get good and blended. If it is too thick add more juice. If it is too thin add more strawberries. Do either till you get your desired thickness.

Serve in your favorite cup. I use the hydroflask tumbler 22oz ( It keeps it cold longer. The only problem is it does not have a straw, the lid is like a travel mug.

Enjoy this refreshing smoothie during the hot days of summer!


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