Starbucks: My favorite drink and Reusable cups

Like a majority of people in America I love Starbucks. My absolute favorite drink is the White Chocolate Mocha. Since it is just about summer and the days are warmer I have been getting it iced. The hot version is great for winter.

I either get a grande or a venti. For both versions I get two extra pumps of the white chocolate syrup, nonfat milk, and extra ice. The surprising part is I get it with non whip cream!! That is right no whip cream. For some reason in the iced version the whip cream just does not taste right. Finally I have been using my own cup.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I use my own cup at Starbucks.

1. Discount: Starbucks give a $.10 discount whenever you bring in your own cup. It does not even have to be one of their cups, it can be any reusable cup you have. This can save people a lot of money if they go to Starbucks a lot. Here is an example.

Allie goes to starbucks 3 days a week. Which means if she brings her own cup for those 3 days she would save $.30. For the whole year she would save $15.60. If she bought this cup ( she has already paid for it just by bringing it to Starbucks those 3 days a week.

The more you go to starbucks the more money you will end up saving by bringing your own cup.

2. Environmental: Even though Starbucks cups are recyclable, and are made from some recycled material, their cups still end up in landfills. Or if they do not make it to the landfill they will end up in the ocean. It is more environmentally friendly to use your own cup which will last for a long while if taken care of. Here is an example for how much trash a person can generate.

Allie, mentioned before, goes to Starbucks 3 days a week. That means she throws away 156 cups a year! Let’s say she goes to starbucks for 20 years. She would throw away 3,120 cups in just those 20 years. By bringing her own cup she keeps that much trash out of landfills.

Bringing your own cup is a great way to help the environment.

3. They are pretty: I am not a big fan of the Starbucks cups. They are pretty boring. So I bought mine from Starbucks, but of course you can buy them from anywhere. I just happened to like this one. You can buy a cup that shows your personality and not just a cup that everyone else gets.

So go out there and find a cup you love and use that at Starbucks instead. Or if you forget to bring it, like I always forget to bring my grocery bags, buy a couple and leave them in your car. Just do not forget to clean them and put them back in your car.


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