Product Review: All Girl Shave Club

Alright, so how much are you paying for razors, especially for refills? According to Target, their 8 count Venus razor (3) blades are $22.99. Walmart has the same ones for 22.88. Or for a fancier Venus, you have the Embrace razor (5) blades which are Target for a 6 count is $22.99 and at Walmart they are $22.97. Already you are close to $25 for just razor blades. Then you have to buy shaving cream which can run from $3-$8 depending on the brand and if you buy a pack or not. so for razor refills and shaving cream it can run you from $25-$30. That is a lot of money. Well I found a website that is affordable, cute, and effective. It is called All Girl Shave Club (

I first saw this as a add on instagram. I was curious because I always see adds for dollar shave club, which has stuff for women, but definitely caters to men. So I clicked the link to see what this was all about. What I found I instantly liked. They have three different packages you can pick and two different types of razors. So how does it work.

Step 1: Pick your razor. Do you want a 3 blade razor or a 5 blade razor. I picked 3 because I thought 5 might be too much for me.

Step 2: Pick your package. There are 3 packages. Package 1 is Razors Only. They send you a weighted handle (first time only) and 6 razors which they will send to you every month. Package 2 is Razors & Shave Butter (pictured). They send you a weighted handle (first time only, 6 razors, Whipped Shave Butter (in the sent of you choice), and shave tote (first time only). The razors and shave butter will be sent to you every two months. Package 3 is Razors & Product Discover. They send you a weighted handle (first time only), 8 razors, 2-3 shaving/body products, and shave tote (first time only). They will send you the razors and shaving/body products every two months.

Step 3 (only for package 2): When you choose package 2 you get to pick the scent of your shave butter. They have 4 scents.

Pink Champagne: Crisp, refreshing aroma of sparkling white wine with nuances of pomegranate and green apple, with hints of rose and geranium.

Flirty Mermaid – Berries and citrus, wrapped in white florals on a base of soft amber.

Vanilla Cupcake: Rich vanilla with a warm, lingering sweetness

Cotton Candy: A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry on a dry down of musks.

Step 4: Pay. What about the price? Well that depends on the razor blade number you pick and the package. They list price by cycle, which basically means anytime you buy whether monthly or every other month. Also free shipping on anything over $10.

If you pick the 3 blade razor, package 1 is $10 a cycle. Package 2 is $18 a cycle. Package 3 is $30 a cycle.

If you pick the 5 blade razor, package 1 is $15 a cycle. Package 2 is $24 a cycle. Package 3 is $36 a cycle.

They also have the items for sale individually.

I went with the 3 blade razor and package 2 option. I chose the Vanilla Cupcake shave butter. I used it for the first time yesterday and I absolutely love it. The shave was so close, and not once did I cut myself. the handle is weighty but not to bad. It feels good when you hold it. I also love the smell of the shave butter. The shave butter is definitely different than traditional shaving cream. you only need to use a little, rub it in your hands and then put on your body. It has like a soapy consistency once you rub it in your hands. Either way I would recommend it for anyone who wants a cheaper but high quality razor. I spent $18 for a razor, 6 blades, and shaving cream. Which is definitely cheaper than if you got to Target or Walmart.

So check it out. If you buy it let me know what you think of it.


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