Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Sorry it has been a while. Been busy with school. Anyways WONDER WOMAN!

For Father’s Day I took my dad to the movies and he wanted to see Wonder Woman. And I absolutely loved it!

It starts with a Diana talking while she walks into the Louvre Museum in Paris. You see a Wayne Enterprise vehicle show up and deliver a briefcase to her. Inside is a picture that Diana was looking for in Batman v Superman and it’s from Bruce Wayne.  This is the story of Princess Diana of Themyscira. She is an Amazon who has been trained to be a warrior just like all of the women there. There job is to protect man kind from the god of war Aries.  One day, a plane crashes and she rescues the man flying it, Steve Trevor. He tells her a war is going on and she believes it to be caused by Aries. She leaves her home for London to fight this war and kill Aries. Along the way she makes some friends and realizes some things about humans and herself.

This movie has action, humor, sadness, and is overall a good mix. I loved the female empowerment of the Amazons. They show they do not need a man to protect them or do things for them. They are strong woman.  The only thing I did not like was how many slow motion parts there were in the fighting scenes. Also I now want to know what Diana was up too between the end of World War I and the modern day.

Either way if you have not seen it I recommend you go as soon as possible.


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