How to Drink 92 oz+ Water a Day!

Recently I have been drinking 92 or more ounces of water a day. That is a lot of water. Today I am going to share with you how I do it.

First, you will need a water bottle. I prefer a Hydroflask because it keeps water cold for up to 12 hours, more if you add ice to it. I have a 24 oz Hydroflask, and I like that size because it is no to little where you will feel like you are constantly filling it up, nor is it to big that it seems to take forever to drink it all. Side note: I always drink ice cold water because I hate warm water!!.

So here is how I drink 96 or more ounces of water in a day.

  1. I always drink one bottle in the morning. This gets you started and gets you hydrated after sleeping. I almost always wake up with a dry mouth and chapped lips. So if you are like me, drink one in the morning. (24 oz)
  2. On days I go to the gym, I drink one while at that gym. I walk on the treadmill for an hour and do weights, so it makes it super easy to drink one whole bottle. (48 oz)
  3. The next one I drink is at dinner. I generally do not drink anything else for dinner (except for wine sometimes 🙂 This helps for me not to get so full right away, like if I were to drink soda which really fills me up, but then I am hungry in about an hour. So drink water with dinner instead of something else. (72 oz)
  4. After dinner I drink another just while lounging around, watching tv, or reading. This helps with keeping you hydrated before bed. (96 oz) Sometimes I finish this one before I go to bed so I have one more, but from a smaller bottle.
  5. I sometimes drink one more, it depends, but it is a smaller 16.9 oz bottle, just because right before bed 24 oz can seem a little daunting. (112.9 oz)

So this rounds me up to 112.9 oz of a water in a day. Now I do not always get that much but I do get 96 oz.

What I recommend to you is try and figure out how much water you need to drink in a day. One you figure that out, it is easy to figure out what size bottle you will need. Also try to break it up so you are not trying to drink two bottles right before bed! I also recommend tracking your water. I do this with my Fitbit app. There are apps you can use to track water, just look them up in your app store on your phone. You can also go the traditional route and write it down.

P.S. Be prepared to go to the bathroom a lot! Drinking a lot means you have to go a lot. So just keep that in mind.


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